What Exactly is Semi-Professional?

If this blog had an identifier – it would be the word(s) “semi-professional” (I still haven’t figured out whether hyphenated words are treated as one), but that could mean anything. So today, I just want to clarify and set some ground rules for this part-portfolio part-blog thing.

The stereotypical professional blog would probably be more edgy -with dramatic tones- like a well-cut business suit.

I didn’t read that anywhere, but that’s what the intimidating world of online portfolios practically yelled at me (Well serves me right for going around lookin for inspiration where it couldn’t be found right?), but I’ve decided to stick to my squishy theme with its earthy tones. It’s just more personable. (Reason number one to be semi-professional – it’s more personable)

The professsional blog also…well it ALSO HAS THE AUTHOR’S NAME ON IT!

I completely understand – in fact, I am fairly certain that neither the domain nor the domain is taken.

But I have just decided to name my blog A Changeling Child (more on that elven tale soon) because it’s a break from the ordinary punny/alliterative/totally tacky website+name combination (All I could come up with was The Anya Show; This is Anya; Nunca Digas Mañanya (Never Say Tomorrow – with a spin on the tomorrow), and other unmentionably embarrasing ideas), and halfway towards a slightly relevant tumblr user-esque blog name.
(Reason Number Two to be semi-professional – thinking of quirky-sounding website names without sounding stupid is hard)

The professional blog/portfolio is not created for friendly banter – business opportunities are the end goal here

This blog is completely open to friendships and collaborations and guest posts and nominations and all that fun stuff. Buuut…. I would like to present it as a piece of professional work on job applications etc.

Journalistic Precision and Accuracy will be maintained at all times of course, and there won’t be too much about moi on here – except for the occasional bio under a post (because I genuinely love those).
My fun blog things – like reblogs/my extention of others’ posts, and little pieces of fiction, and other contributions to the wordpress community (because I most certainly want to make blog friends!) will go in a seperate category, and might be slightly less frequent.
(Reason Number Three to be semi-professional – an online portfolio doesn’t help you make blog friends 🙂 )

Okay, I feel much better now that I have a precise definition of what this blog is – ground rules are very important (as a few of my very first blog will testify – it catalogs a car crash).


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