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After a few confused clicks through my Google search for, “professional about me pages,” (because that’s what we millenials do when we encounter a problem – we google it) I’ve finally given up – I have no idea how to be amusing, concise, and detailed at the same time.

Another damper on my professional About Me page? I simply cannot write about myself in third person (it is quite a useless formality, seeing that practically everyone knows that bios are usually written by the people they are about – there’s no need to pretend that someone else is writing them).

Now that I’ve pointed out all the possible flaws on this page (I’m off to a good start amn’t I?), let me begin..

My name is Anya Felix, and I’m a writer (it really does feel exhilarating to say that).

I’m a journalism student, starting at NYU this fall. When I’m not writing or wallowing in my impending financial crisis from student loans, I’m either pretending to read while really eavesdropping observing and enjoying the vibe of wherever I am, or daydreaming.

I’m a regular bookworm (I don’t think it’s really possible to be a writer without being a reader first), and movie buff (No, I will not argue that the book was better or whatever. I’m a loyal fan of both); sit stubbornly between extroversion and introversion, and put mayonnaise on my hotdogs.

Oh, and I’m currently based in Manhattan, an artist-wannabe too close to Wall Street.


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