One Year: A Failure Milestone

On this date last year, I started up a project with a head whizzing with ideas and face shining with ambition.

Right now, I’m facepalming like –

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A Critique of Chris Rock’s Oscar 2016 Monologue

Chris Rock’s Oscars monologue could have been so much for an Academy Awards Ceremony that is seeped in controvery, with celebrities boycotting from left to right: Jada Pinkett Smith for #OscarsSoWhite, and the only Trans Nominee ANOHNI for transgender rights capitalism?

But no, the African-American host for the controversially white Oscars was unapologetic, and balked at his chance at really drawing out and unifying the theme of the scattered boycotts and social media attention.

Is Hollywood racist? Is Hollywood racist?
You know, that’s a…you gotta look at it the right way.

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De Anza students respond to the national decline in trust in the police

Rico Velasquez raises his hand in a jaunty salute, then straightens his polo – which features the word “Police Cadet” on the front – in the meantime, someone else has waved to him, and he quickly greets them too.

It is not hard to see that Velasquez, a part-time student at De Anza College and a police trainee, is seen a friendly and outgoing person, but the fact that he is to become a police officer does damage his ability to make many friends, he said.

“Many students kind of stay away after they find out that I am a police trainee,” Velasquez, 23, said, “especially with everything in Ferguson and Baltimore and whatnot.”

This stigma that De Anza College imposes upon Velasquez as a future police officer is reflected across the country. According to an April 2015 poll by The Economist newspaper and a market research firm – YouGov, 49 percent of Americans do not trust police officers, and would not believe their testimonies in a trial.

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How to Avoid Code While Using Tumblr and WordPress

Let’s face it, the internet -for all its glamor and stupidity- is a piece of work. Those of us “internet junkies” who can barely manage html can testify to that.

(I mean.. heck, I haven’t even figured out how to use tabs on my wordpress posts yet)

Within the safe constraints of Facebook , Instagram, and Twitter, all is well; encountering any pieces of lose, uncovered code is an unheard of, unimaginable phenonomenon – like reaching the end of the infinity that is one’s newsfeed.
But, one hesitant toe into the tepid waters of reddit, wordpress, tumblr, and even..goodreads ends that virginity.

Code is everywhere – strange pieces of a robotic, stunted language that looks better suited for alien communication float around everywhere with their CSS’s and other troubling acronyms.

Tumblr, for example, is teeming with creative life – elaborate blogs (with groan-worth pun names) galore! But for a native Tweeter like me, it means many traumatic encounters with that which is dreaded- code.
Designing a mini-blog on the stickiest platform ever with no programming knowledge whatsoever isn’t particularly my idea of a social time anyway.

But it is for social-media-loving, cat-video-watching, technologically-handicapped so-called internet junkies like me, that the various tech gods around the world have developed extensions, and easy-to-use add-ons.

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What Exactly is Semi-Professional?

If this blog had an identifier – it would be the word(s) “semi-professional” (I still haven’t figured out whether hyphenated words are treated as one), but that could mean anything. So today, I just want to clarify and set some ground rules for this part-portfolio part-blog thing.

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It will be my masterpiece..

I really don’t know how (where?) to begin, but which artist really knew how to start their masterpiece?

I’m pretty sure Picasso painted frantically over that first stroke of paint, covering it up with a late blooming brilliance. And I KNOW James Joyce cheated and went back to rewrite that gorgeous first sentence in Ulysses.

As the years pass (if I get that far), I’m going to come back to this post, cringe in humiliation, and delete it with an embarrassed shake of my head.

But anyway, all matters of the temporary nature of this post aside, this is my brand new semi-professional blog; I was supposed to be making an online portfolio, but I thought this would much more fun. A lot less professional yes, but still very insightful into the person I am.

I’ll have an About Me page up soon (and will link it here), but here’s the gist of it – I’m a 17-year-old journalist wannabe (student), who dabbles in just about anything related to the written word (because she likes the word dabble) – prose and poetry, book reviews, spectacular (and not-really-so) quotes, and obscure words.

So welcome to my masterpiece – a.k.a My Life 🙂