It will be my masterpiece..

I really don’t know how (where?) to begin, but which artist really knew how to start their masterpiece?

I’m pretty sure Picasso painted frantically over that first stroke of paint, covering it up with a late blooming brilliance. And I KNOW James Joyce cheated and went back to rewrite that gorgeous first sentence in Ulysses.

As the years pass (if I get that far), I’m going to come back to this post, cringe in humiliation, and delete it with an embarrassed shake of my head.

But anyway, all matters of the temporary nature of this post aside, this is my brand new semi-professional blog; I was supposed to be making an online portfolio, but I thought this would much more fun. A lot less professional yes, but still very insightful into the person I am.

I’ll have an About Me page up soon (and will link it here), but here’s the gist of it – I’m a 17-year-old journalist wannabe (student), who dabbles in just about anything related to the written word (because she likes the word dabble) – prose and poetry, book reviews, spectacular (and not-really-so) quotes, and obscure words.

So welcome to my masterpiece – a.k.a My Life 🙂