How to Avoid Code While Using Tumblr and WordPress

Let’s face it, the internet -for all its glamor and stupidity- is a piece of work. Those of us “internet junkies” who can barely manage html can testify to that.

(I mean.. heck, I haven’t even figured out how to use tabs on my wordpress posts yet)

Within the safe constraints of Facebook , Instagram, and Twitter, all is well; encountering any pieces of lose, uncovered code is an unheard of, unimaginable phenonomenon – like reaching the end of the infinity that is one’s newsfeed.
But, one hesitant toe into the tepid waters of reddit, wordpress, tumblr, and even..goodreads ends that virginity.

Code is everywhere – strange pieces of a robotic, stunted language that looks better suited for alien communication float around everywhere with their CSS’s and other troubling acronyms.

Tumblr, for example, is teeming with creative life – elaborate blogs (with groan-worth pun names) galore! But for a native Tweeter like me, it means many traumatic encounters with that which is dreaded- code.
Designing a mini-blog on the stickiest platform ever with no programming knowledge whatsoever isn’t particularly my idea of a social time anyway.

But it is for social-media-loving, cat-video-watching, technologically-handicapped so-called internet junkies like me, that the various tech gods around the world have developed extensions, and easy-to-use add-ons.

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